Plugin Features

Features work together with each other. If you have set country and referrer targeting, then visitors who match both will see the landing page.

Geo Location

Add country codes and only visitors from set countries, will see your custom landing pages.



Display landing pages based on visitors referrer.

Exclude Web Spiders

Plugin will not show landing pages to Google Bots or any other similar web crawler.

Cookie Support

Plugin will read visitors cookies and show specific landing page based on what cookie name or value is set for each template.

Text / URL Rotator

Display text or url with spintex.


In-Template Keywords

Add relevant information about the visitors on the landing page.

in-template keywords

control_point_duplicateAttract Visitors Attention With Relevant Info

Brand:  {brand} | example: iPhone or HTC
Browser: {browser} | example: Chrome 65.0.3325.146
Operating System: {os} | example: Windows 10 or OS X (High Sierra)
Device type: {device_type} | example: Computer
Referral: {referral} | example:
Full Referral:
{referral_full} | example:
Referral Domain:
{domain} | example:
Rotate Keyword/URL:
{keyword} | example: random keyword
Country Name:
{country_name} | example: United States
{ip} | example:
Country Code:
{country_code} | example: US
Region Code:
{region_code} | example: WA
Region Name:
{region_name} | example: Washington
{city} | example: Seattle
Zip Code:
{zip_code} | example: 98111
Time Zone:
{time_zone} | example: America/Los_Angeles
{latitude} | example: 47.6062
{longitude} | example: -122.3321
Metro Code:
{metro_code} | example: 819

How To Get Started?

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