display Custom HTML landing pages

GeoRequest wordpress plugin displays custom HTML landing pages based on visitors location, set-cookie and referrer. 

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How To Setup Plugin?

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Focus on what matters

Match traffic source look and feel.

Set up an A/B test with multiple templates.

Show only high-converting elements.

target visitors by location


target visitors by referrer

target visitors by cookie

exclude web spiders

Convert Landing Page Visitors Into Customers

It is always hard to grab visitors attention. Usually you have to spend countless hours by testing single template for each location. Not anymore! 

Multiple Templates

Using multiple templates, you can show different landing pages based on location of the visitor.

Gather More Information

By adding in-template keywords in a form, on email submit, you can now gather more information about the visitor (Browser, Device, Location, Operation System,etc.) to later use in email campaigns.

Dynamically Display Information

With the help of in-template keywords, you can display relative information about visitor on your custom landing page.

All In-Template Keywords


Our customers love us! Read what they have to say below.

Thank you for creating and maintaining the plugin. It is one of the pillars of my WordPress installs.

Ben Johnson

Freelancer / Blogger

Great plugin! Does what it says really well.

Carl Kent

Affiliate Marketer

I'm converting facebook traffic better than ever before. Would like to see more pre-made templates, but that is not a huge deal for me.

Emily Clark

Dropshipping Store Owner